I forgot my password, what should I do?
Access the panel on our website, make the request for password recovery by email.

I forgot my secondary password (PIN), how to recover?
Access the panel on our website, make the request for secondary password recovery (PIN), by email.

How do new account in the forum?
You must access the panel on the website and create the forum account through our panel.

I made a payment, when will I receive my coins?
Payments made by credit card and bitcoin are usually delivered within minutes.


To solve other problems is recommended to use our forum, there you will find several sections for certain subjects, so an administrator or even another player can help you solve the problem. For more complex problems you must wait for an administrator to attend you through the forum.

How to use the forum?

Whatever the subject or request in your post, we ask you to be specific and express yourself clearly so that service is more efficient. Correctly use forum sections for each subject to be discussed. Useless posts will be deleted.


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