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Server Note.
The server is being reformulated, since its drops, the rate enchant, enchant maximum, etc. The prices in the shops are also being modified and adjusted according to the...
11 July, 2019
Server updates
Diamond Coins drops in the Battle Zone has been changed to 5x per kill. We added the Diamond Coins drop on all Champions mobs! Many new things are yet to come!
11 November, 2018
Olympiad Bind and Hide Names is temporarily disabled.
25 October, 2018
Sieges Zones updated.
- Rune Zone has been fixed. - We have limited a one PC box in Siege Zone, so we will prevent bots during battles. This decision is final.
20 October, 2018
Raid Boss drops.
Now these Raid Boss drops Medal of Honor: Behemoth Leader Dragon Beast Taklacan Dragon Beast Drake Lord
16 October, 2018
Medal of Honor
We added the new Medal of Honor, you can get the medal in Battle Zone, Special Raid Bosses and events promoted by GM. It will not be all Raid Boss to drop this medal, soon...
07 October, 2018
Server updates.
We did a rework in the cubics, and we upgraded our geodata. The server is now stable.
02 October, 2018
Server updates.
- Olympiads waiting time for battle reduced to 60 seconds. - We have developed a better system of autopotions and added today for use. - Counter Critical changed time...
02 October, 2018
Server updates.
Geodata updated We made some improvements in the geodata of the Olympiads arenas. Cubics fixed The cubics have been fixed, but need more testing to make sure...
27 September, 2018
Server updates.
Geodata There were some corrections in the Olympiad arenas. Global GK We've added new teleporter options for farming areas. Exchange Adena Now you can exchange your...
18 September, 2018
Balancing Skills.
We did some testing and made some adjustments to those skills. - Mass Warrior Bane. - Mass Mage Bane. - Warrior Bane. - Mage Bane. - Wind Vortex. - Demon Wind.
10 September, 2018

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